Teal Hatch Programme

This little character stuggles with their hand/eye co-ordination which means their handwriting often suffers. They can also have problems with their eating and may seem a little clumsy. Sound familiar? Then this is the programme for your child. Watch the video clip and scroll down for full details of how our Teal Hatch Programme can help your child.

Hatch programmes are based on specific movements which can help re-programme your child's brain to improve their learning and help them develop.

Each one includes a 12-week video programme of simple to do exercises This is enhanced by full supporting literature to enable you to optimise your child's development.

Movement is the foundation of all learning. It provides the building blocks for our developmental foundations. Sometimes our children struggle with certain building blocks and this affects how they respond to their environment and their future learning.

We need to move to build synapses, neural pathways etc. All of this helps with our balance, our concentration, ability to see, hear, sit still.......and excel!

Based upon integrated learning strategies for retained reflexes, the Pilates Method, kinesiology, brain training techniques and supporting nutritional and behavioural interventions, Hatch Programmes provide a unique developmental environment to help your child break out of their shell.

Our 12 week progressive Teal Hatch Programme is designed to help your child if they:

  • Have problems with their handwriting

  • Your child's school has suggested extra practice with their writing or pen control

  • Are very messy eaters

  • Want to be fed by you rather than feed themselves

  • Eats with their hands rather than using a knife and fork                      
  • Struggles with their grip on everyday objects which makes them seem clumsy
What Type of Exercises are Included?
For our Teal Hatch character is all about hand /eye co-ordination which means their handwriting often suffers. They can also have problems with their eating and may seem a little clumsy. We include exercises to transform these challenges into integration in the body- allowing your child to develop the building blocks they need to progress on with their learning and development.

12 x 10-minute workouts & a bonus technical library of 10 exercises.

So, this programme includes the following:
  • Exercises that improve hand/eye co-ordination for fine motor skills.
  • Exercises to strengthen their shoulder, arm and hand connections.
  • Oppositional exercises to wake up their brain connections.
  • Exercises to improve eyeline control and tracking.
  • Exercises to build confidence in the body with balance and co-ordination work.
  • Core strength work to re-connect the brain and body.

What else is included?

  • Nutrition Toolkit
  • Daily living Toolkit to help with tasks at home such as dressing and hygiene
  • Support Toolkit for fine motor skills

What results can I expect?

The outcome will vary according to the individual but certainly these programs will help dampen down the struggles these souls battle. 

This is not a magic wand and these symptoms won’t all disappear over night. 

Some may have that experience, of course, but some may find only a small but noticeable change occurring.

By the end of this programme your child's handwriting should improve as should the use of cutlery.

Amazing value at less than £1.20 per day!

Priceless for your child's future!

What's included?

28 Videos
1 Survey
5 Texts
5 PDFs
Cat Silcock & Jo Everill-Taylor Hatch Programme
Cat Silcock & Jo Everill-Taylor Hatch Programme
Clinical Director & Exercise Director

About Your Instructors

Catherine Silcock-Clinical Director:

"To hatch is to break free of ones shell, to push through those boundaries that are holding one back from growing fully in life.

With my training as a Chiropractor (which included in depth study of neurology) plus my post graduate studies of paediatrics and as the mother of a child with ASD who I was adamant I wanted to help him as much as possible without pharmaceutical intervention I began investigating......In fact in my position one never stops investigating.

As such I have read many many books, articles and studies. We have attended various appointments with a myriad of specialists who brought a part of the mosaic of help to the table including nutritional advice, brain gym exercises, eye tracking, practical advice to help day to day while at the same time addressing the causes of my son's differences.

Over 2 years on and I have a significantly different child. The little boy who couldn't make eye contact, couldn't sit still, ate his clothes and had a delay in convergence with one eye is an extremely different individual these days. One of the first free readers in his class, popular, gifted at sport, his clothing is no longer chewed and he has more good days than bad at school (a real achievement)!

Hatch is a forum to bring all the knowledge gained through my education and experience to allow other parents to access it without having to juggle attending several different appointments with the demands of life with a young family. Sometimes it's essential to see a specialist in person but this program is designed to help your little chick break free of the shell that's holding them back from the comfort of their own home!"

Jo Everill-Taylor- Exercise Director

Jo Everill-Taylor  is a highly experienced Movement Specialist and has now been looking  after people’s health and fitness goals as an instructor for over 17  years. She is a mum of 2 grown up children and brings her passion for education and movement to her role with the Hatch Programme.

She holds many qualifications over a vast range of subject areas:

Pilates  Coach, Biomechanics Trainer, Level 4 Specialist Back Care Instructor,  Children's Exercise Instructor, Exercise Referral Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Exercise Instructor, Pelvic  Floor Safe Instructor, , Personal  Trainer, Nutritional Counsellor, Group Exercise Instructor and Aqua  Instructor. She is also a Master Trainer for Beamfit UK. Jo has also studied Kinesiology with Touch for Health. 

Jo combines her coaching with international presenting for Drummond Education tutoring the next generation of instructors. Jo writes and delivers qualifications on a range of subjects within health and fitness.


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