Hatch Programme Limited

Helping Your Child Break out of Their Shell


Red Hatch Programme

This is an angry and frustrated little character. If your child is prone to aggressive outbursts and struggles to control their temper they will be right at home with this programme. It's their way or no way!


Lime Hatch Programme

This charachter is afraid of the world. They find it difficult to make eye contact. They can be overly clingy and struggle with night terrors.


Prepare for School: Hatch Programme

This programme is designed to offer support if you have concerns about your child starting school. This course contains a range of activities to support these problems; to build confidence and help your child settle into school.


Lemon Hatch Programme

This character is uncoordinated and does not move with ease. They sometimes walk on thier toes or heels. You may also notice difficulties with their hand/eye coordination. This course is designed to support your child if they have these traits.


Orange Hatch Programme

This charachter likes to suck and chew- this might be the thumb but could also be their clothes. Meal times might be a tough time of day with pickiness with textures and lots of spills!


Turquoise Hatch Programme

Our Turquoise Hatch Character is a bit of a fidget! If your child can't sit still and struggles to concentrate then this is the programme for them.