Turquoise Hatch Programme

Hatch programmes are based on specific movements which can help re-programme your child's brain to improve their learning and help them develop.

Each one includes a 12-week video programme of simple to do exercises This is enhanced by full supporting literature to enable you to optimise your child's development.

Movement is the foundation of all learning. It provides the building blocks for our developmental foundations. Sometimes our children struggle with certain building blocks and this affects how they respond to their environment and their future learning.

We need to move to build synapses, neural pathways etc. All of this helps with our balance, our concentration, ability to see, hear, sit still.......and excel!

Based upon integrated learning strategies for retained reflexes, the Pilates Method, kinesiology, brain training techniques and supporting nutritional and behavioural interventions, Hatch Programmes provide a unique developmental environment to help your child break out of their shell.

Our 12 week progressive Turquoise Hatch Programme is designed to help your child if they:

  • Struggle with the texture and feel of clothing

  • Fidget and can't sit still

  • Hum or make buzzing noises

  • Suffer with poor concentration

  • Are a bedwetter

  • Are sometimes clumsy

  • Have been flagged up as having endocrine issues

  • Have been flagged as possibly having  ADHD

What Type of Exercises are Included?

Our Turquoise Hatch character is a bit of a fidget with poor concentration-they find many things in their environment irritating or overwhelming.  We include exercises to transform these challenges into integration in the body- allowing your child to develop the building blocks they need to progress on with their learning and development.

12 x 10-minute workouts & a bonus technical library of 15 exercises.

So, this programme includes the following:

  • Exercises that calm the nervous system.
  • Oppositional exercises to wake up their brain connections to aid concentration and control.
  • Exercises to improve eyeline control and tracking.
  • Exercises to build confidence in the body with balance and co-ordination work.
  • Core strength work to re-connect the brain and body.

What else is included?

  • Nutrition Toolkit
  • Daily living Toolkit to help with tasks at home such as dressing and hygiene
  • Supporting Toolkits to help your little fidget and to deal with clothing issues

What results can I expect?

The outcome will vary according to the individual but certainly these programs will help dampen down the struggles these souls battle. 

This is not a magic wand and these symptoms won’t all disappear over night. 

Some may have that experience, of course, but some may find only a small but noticeable change occurring.

By the end of this programme your child should be better able to cope with uncomfortable clothing. The humming should occur less often and they should be better able to concentrate.

Amazing value at less than £2 per week!

Priceless for your child's future!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Turquoise Hatch Programme Welcome Guides

    • Welcome to your Turquoise Hatch Programme

    • Hello! Introductory Video

    • Sticker Chart

  • 2

    Extra Support Resources

    • My Nutritional Toolkit-Download

    • My Daily Living Toolkit

    • My Little Fidget Toolkit

    • My Clothing Toolkit

  • 3

    Weeks 1 & 2

    • Weeks 1 & 2 Warm Up Exercises

    • Week 1 & 2 Main Activities

    • Well Done!

  • 4

    Weeks 3 & 4

    • Moving on into weeks 3 & 4- Video

    • Weeks 3 & 4 Warm Up Exercises

    • Weeks 3 & 4 Main Activities

    • Onwards and Upwards-Video

  • 5

    Weeks 5 & 6

    • Looking Good!

    • Weeks 5 & 6 Warm Up Exercises

    • Weeks 5 & 6 Main Activities

    • Half Way Through! Video

  • 6

    Weeks 7 & 8

    • Weeks 7 & 8 Warm Up Exercises

    • Weeks 7 & 8 Main Activities

  • 7

    Weeks 9 & 10

    • Weeks 9 & 10 Extra Challenges

    • Weeks 9 & 10 Warm Up Exercises

    • Weeks 9 & 10 Main Activities

  • 8

    Weeks 11 & 12

    • Weeks 11 & 12 Final Progressions-Video

    • Weeks 11 & 12 Warm up Exercises

    • Weeks 11 & 12 Main Activities

    • You did It! Completion Video

    • What can I do now?

    • Turquoise Hatch Programme Completion Survey

    • Completion Certificate of Turquoise Hatch Programme

  • 9

    Technical Exercise Library

    • Cat Stretch Technical Library

    • Cross Midline Reach Technical Library

    • Flamingo Technical Library

    • Pointer Technical Library

    • Robot Arms Technical Library

    • Robot Balance Technical Library

    • Rolling Like a Ball Technical Library

    • Seated Starfish Technical Library

    • Snow Angel Arms Technical Library

    • Snow Angels Technical Library

    • Starfish Technical Library

    • Supine Bicycle Technical Library

    • Toe Walking Technical Library

    • Toy Soldier Walking Technical Library

    • Windmill Arms Technical Library

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